The time we helped Verisign set a World Record

April 30, 2019

Every now and then we're unexpectedly reminded of something cool we've built in the past that we had completely forgotten about - and this morning is a prime example.


Back in 2010 we had the privilege of working with Verisign, the world's most trusted internet company responsible for, amongst other things, maintaining one of the core primary DNS servers that keep the internet running worldwide.


Verisign had just begun marketing the .tv Top Level Domain, and we worked with them and Colorado-based domain registrar to build, an app to showcase the power of video sharing on a .tv domain.


To headline the marketing effort, Verisign enlisted the Universal Record Database (record to oversee our attempt to set a World Record for "Most Videos Shot At A Dance Party".



 Participants used the app to capture video from the event, which was collated and cut into a brief video that appears on the Record Setter website.  And yes, we set the record - 831 videos in total.  In 2016 you'll probably beat that on any given weekend at a junior sports event, but in 2010 that was a pretty impressive feat.


Check out the full video at

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