Support & Management

For every published app there's a whole ecosystem of hidden components behind the scenes, from cloud hosting services, test suites, development pipelines, analytics, bug tracking, user interactivity and more.  Fyshh takes care of every aspect of app publication so you can focus on the most important part - your customers.
AWS Specialists

At Fyshh we're all AWS evangelists, and we've been publishing production apps to the AWS ecosystem for nearly a decade.  We have experience across a huge gamut of the AWS platform, from server less deployment using Lambda, Cognito and API Gateway, interactive 3D avatars using Sumerian and Lex, and machine learning algorithms using SageMaker and GroundTruth.  If you're using or considering AWS as part of your technology stack then Fyshh has the skills and experience to make that happen.

Startup to Full Scale Support

Our Support & Management processes are designed to cater for all support requirements, from startups in MVP trial deployments right through to full-scale production applications.


Our largest AWS hosted project runs a Machine Learning algorithm generating predictions from a dataset of approximately 19 Billion data points; our smallest project runs 3 user accounts across 1 trial site for a SaaS product under development for a startup client.  What's common amongst those projects is our Support & Maintenance process - same team, same tools, same great results.

Automation is the Core

We are firm believers in the philosophy that considered deployment of automation is the best path to a smooth and reliable Support & Management process for our client's apps.  We make use of industry leading service support tools including Datadog, OpsGenie, Jira, Fabric, Instabug, Jenkins and many more to monitor service availability, track user experience and ensure our client's apps are always available when needed.

Human Experience is the Icing

Of course automation only gets you so far - those monitoring tools do a great job of letting us know there's a problem, but what our clients want is a resolution.  Thankfully our team can consistently deliver on this front - not only do we have the technical skills to efficiently triage, resolve and deploy solutions in break-fix scenarios, but we have the communication skills to ensure our clients and their users are kept informed throughout the process.

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